About us

👋! We’re a new non-profit on a mission to build a community that helps discover and develop the potential in teens. We’re out to improve the way potential is identified and amplified so that we find youth that traditional talent systems overlook. We are starting with a focus on teens ages 15-17 who aim to serve others. We are building a global-first, mobile-first platform to help notice teens and connect them with opportunities (fellowships, scholarships, etc). It's like LinkedIn for the next generation. 

The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Strategic Innovation Fund is our first funder. We've already partnered with world leaders in nurturing the potential in underserved youth including - Rise by the Rhodes Trust and Schmidt Futures, the African Leadership Academy, the Ivy House Award, Civics Unplugged, the Global Citizen Year Academy, and AIME

Our product is live on iOS and Android and growing quickly. Go check it out! In the few months since we've been live, we're already placed 10k teens from around the world with opportunities. By the end of 2021, we intend to place 20k more and by 2025 we'll place 1M.

If you’re looking to use your stellar tech skills and expertise to meaningfully impact the next generation, this might be the place for you! We look forward to meeting you.